ROLFING Sabine Roseburg  

Who is ROLFING good for?

Rolfing can applied to all age groups:

  • For people who feel out of balance or have chronic muscle tensions.
  • For people with work-related postural problems.
  • For people who want to improve their flexibility and their body feeling
    (e.g. for sports, yoga, dance, acting).
  • For professional people between 40 and 60 who want to keep and improve their level of performance.

ROLFING-BehandlungWho comes to see me?

From my experience people decide to have Rolfing,

  • When they want to improve their body feeling
  • When they are at a point of change in their lives
    (a new post, retiring, after the birth of a child)
  • When to want to improve in their sports
  • When they have the feeling of being a bit stuck in their lives
    and they are looking for new way for themselves


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