ROLFING Sabine Roseburg  

What is ROLFING?

Ida Rolf mit Baby
   the founder Dr. Ida Rolf

Rolfing is a method of manual bodywork with the goal to improve structure, posture and movement of the human body.

In Rolfing we work on the fascial net of the human body. Fascias are the fine white skins which wrap all our muscles and single muscle bundles. It is the fascia that make the bundles slide against each other and ensure the elasticity of the body. If we always use the same posture or make the same movements, the fascia make themselves stronger by calcification and can become very hard and stiff. Thus they “cement” the form of our bodies.

In traditional medicine the role of fascia has often been overlooked. In Rolfing we make the fascial web more flexible again. This approach allows us to have very different results from other methods.

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