ROLFING Sabine Roseburg  

How is that possible?

ROLFING-BehandlungRolfing makes the body tissues more flexible. So the bundles of muscles can better slide against each other. This increases the blood circulation and cleanses the cells from residues.

Rolfing stretches scar tissue. This improves inhibitions in movement due to operations or accidents and the resulting tensions and pain.

Rolfing harmonises movements in the body. This diminishes unbalanced pressures on the articulations, which are the most causes for arthritis.

Rolfing activates the inner, involuntary muscles. They are the ones responsible for an upright position without strain.

Keeping and improving your level of performance through Rolfing - how is that possible?

Working on the body Effects in life Sessions
Separating different bundles of muscle, so that only those muscles work which are required for the specific movement. Saving resources:
Spending less time with unnecessary things.
Reversing inhibitions that resulted from operations or accidents, by making the tissue more flexible. Reducing unnecessary use of energy, working more efficiently. I-III
Making the tissue around the articulations more flexible. Increased flexibility, faster reactions, less inner resistance. I-III
Balancing pressures and tensions in the entire body. Less strain on articulations.
Things run "like clockwork."
Straightening the legs, making good contact to the ground with the feet. Walking and standing will be much more efficient. Bundling your energies instead of diffusing them,
results in greater clarity about how to priorise tasks.
Activating the inner involuntary muscles. Using natural powers like gravity and inner impulses for oneself instead of working against them.
Feeling safe and as a part of the universe, not as a single being who has to fight all by himself or herself.
Enabling an upright position from inside without straining the outer muscles. Taking and maintaining a clear position in life.
Being in one's own space and having clear boundaries.
The feet have a good contact to the ground. Feeling solid, feeling one's roots and being "radical" when needed. Standing up for one's values. IV-VII
Opening the senses toward the space, feeling the space around you, and feeling of oneself within a bigger space. Opening the perception for the bigger picture, increased capacity for creativity, visions and new projects. IV-VII
Increased perception of oneself The body is less regarded as something "other" than oneself, and becomes an instrument of perception of ones own feelings, emotions and states of wellbeing. IV-VII
Opening and sharpening of the senses Higher perception of the outer world, higher sensitivity, more joy in music, nature, colors . VIII-X
Getting in touch with one's own interests and states of being. Forgotten dreams and wishes resurface and become present. More joy in hobbies, research, and creativity. VIII-X
Increased work of the mirror neurones through better perception of one's own body. Higher capacity for empathy, better understanding of other people, by putting yourself "in their shoes." Through increased awareness of your own posture you will notice other people's postures and the emotions they express. VIII-X
Memories about old injuries that are stored in the tissue can be let go. Letting go of the past and anchoring oneself in the now. Opening to the spiritual dimensions. Spirituality can become a natural part of life, not a possibility for escapism. VIII-X

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