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I have always considered the variety of interesting people I know as the the biggest riches in my life. I have always been on the lookout for those who lived their lives in a new or unconventional way. In the past years I went through many transitions. As always when you are on a path, you meet wonderful people who help you through some difficult steps. Here I would like to recommend some of them and thank them for their help and their friendship.

Natural healers:

Hildegard Stenda

Her method is called Manual Integrative Therapy (MIT). This is a very subtle and very differentiated method of manual bodywork. It is a little bit like Rolfing, but on a different level. With her hands she feels the functions and inhibitions of the organs, the immune system and other miraculous things and improves the energy flow. If you decide to see her, it is worth getting an additional insurance that covers expenses for Heilpraktiker.

Anja Pecoraro

The detox expert. With a machine, called "Meta Scan" she scans the body with frequencies and finds out whether there are traces of toxins in the system. With different detox methods those are removed and this treatment often is the first step to tackle the other ills of her patients. With her help I got rid of a good deal of mercury in my body and feel much lighter and more vital.

Coaches and Trainers:

Susanne Taylor

Susanne is an intercultural trainer from USA. She learned this art in three years of intense studies, not on a weekend course like some others. She has the depth and the observance to see what is going on in other people and where they are stuck. Her coachings and trainings are supported by a tool called "VisualsSpeak". It consists of a multitude of beautiful images, which help her clients to reach into their own subconsciousness and learn about their inner images. All this happens in a very warm and friendly way. After every workshop I did with Susanne, the images stayed with me for a long time and guided my next steps into the future.

Ulrike Buchs-Quante

The professional singer, singing teacher and author has developped a concept how to makeher knowledge available also to lay people in other professions: She offers trainings to people who have to talk a lot in their work, such as teachers, sales persons and call center agents. She combines competence with charisma and a good portion of intuition and helps the voice and the entire person.

Antje Schmiegelt

Antje's forte are the organisation of events and optimizing business processes. If you feel stuck and would like to get better organized, she is the right person to get things flowing again.

Dorothea Anzinger

Dorothea is an actress. As such her body and her spirit are her instruments. Aspecial challenge for actors is the improvisation theatre. All scenes are created spontaneously, youcan anly prepare through training. This consists of letting go of ready made concepts and really listening to the other players. This opens the path for new and creative ideas. In order to make these benefits available to lay people, Dorothea offers workshops for companies and private people. I can recommend it for those who feel the need to get out of themselves and use abilities that have been lying dormant.

Image Consultant:

Theresia Berger

Really we should know all this, shouldn't we: What clothes to wear for which occasion? What colors suit me? How to combine clothes and accessories? How can I change my look through hairstyle and make up? If you are in the same situation as I was, that I have been gleaning bits of information throughout my life, without really knowing the rules and how to apply them, Theresia is just the right person for you. She has a lot of improvement to offer! A visit to her studio alone, with a view over Alps and Chiemsee is worth the journey for any man and woman.


Claudia Werner

Solid and feminine, strongly connected to Nature and her energies, Claudia combines psychological work with shamanic healing. Especially spectacular are the travels she offers: She regularly takes groups on a vision quest in the Tunesian Sahara.


Anna-Elisabeth Ungnadner

A dear former colleague from Siemens. Anna-Elisabeth combines competence of web and design with a strong sense of her customers' wishes. She realized my ideas for my website and I am very grateful for that.


Crimson Circle

My source of spiritual and cosmic wisdom.

Nutrition counselling and pregnancy support

With her sunny temper and easy touch April Kowaleski takes care of her husband and two children as well as her many friends. From her home in Canada she brings a deep love for nature and a relaxed attitude to life. She offers holistic nutrition counselling and pregnancy support for mothers and mothers-to-be.

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