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Flexibility - Vitality - Joy of Life

through ROLFING bodywork

You would like to know more about ROLFING® bodywork?
You would like to do something good for your body?
You suffer from tensions or pains?

On these pages you can read

  • what Rolfing is,
  • what it does,
  • how it can help you,
  • where you can find me,
  • what it costs.

Furthermore you will find some information about me and what the press wrote about my work.

For further questions and appointments please call 0160 7070 935 or send an email to

I would be happy to meet you in my office in

85570 Markt Schwaben,
Herzog-Ludwig-Str. 9

Yours sincerely

Sabine Roseburg










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ROLFING® is a registered service mark of the ROLF INSTITUTE of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
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