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Frequent questions

How long does it last?

ROLFING little boyRolfing doesn't only relieve the body for a short period, but initiates changes in the body structure that keep making effect in the following six months and longer.






I have limited resources. How can I still experience the benefits of Rolfing?

I offer sessions at a reduced rate of 65.- Euro, so people with limited resources can afford Rolfing. Since the work with the body continues to work after the sessions, it is possible to vary the time between sessions. Two weeks are recommended, but four weeks are also possible. Thus you are facing an expense of 65.- or 130.- Euro per month.

For that you have a renewal process that lasts five to ten months.

Isn't it very selfish to spend so much money for myself?

At first it may seem so, but when you take a closer look, you will see that your surroundings also benefit greatly from the process:

Your partner / spouse:
Don't you know that situation? The more relaxed you are when your spouse/partner comes home, the nicer the evening turns out to be.
When you offer yourself Rolfing, your partner will receive more from you.

Here it is the same: The more relaxed parents are, the calmer their children are.
Children feel their parents' tensions and they also suffer from them. The psyche and wellbeing of your children will benefit, when you experience Rolfing.

Family of origin:
We all carry old family issues with us that go back one or many generations called "family constellations." Bodywork helps us to let go of many of those issues. Some of them come up into consciousness, but many are released without us having to know what exactly it was. The relief benefits all members of the family.

Work place:
Rolfing increases your level of performance, mental clarity and creativity. Your work and your career can benefit greatly.

Your body:
Rolfing prevents illnesses. Arthritis and degenerations of joints appear where tendons and the connective tissue press articulations together. Rolfing reduces that pressure and prevents degenerations.
Also the organs become more mobile and have a better blood supply. This cleans away residues and ensures a better supply with enzymes and minerals for the organs. So they can work well and supply YOU well with all that is needed.

Your mood:
The state of health and wellbeing of the body has a direct influence on our emotional wellbeing. We ARE in a high range our body. Our mind has the illusion of being separated from the body "engine". But this is not true! Our brain, our organs, our limbs and our mood are all closely interconnected.
And most pleasures of life on earth are closely connected to bodily sensations. If you don't have to deal with pain, you can have much more joy through you sensual perceptions and life becomes more colourful, more interesting and lighter.

When is Rolfing not recommended?

Rolfing is not a medical application. If you are ill, please see your doctor. If you want to have Rolfing as well, please discuss this with your doctor.

In these cases Rolfing is not recommended:
– In case of cancer
– With acute inflammations
– When taking blood-thinning medication
– With acute infectious diseases
– When taking psychiatric drugs

If you have fractures, operations or injuries, Rolfing can be applied after three months, when the tissue has healed.

Can Rolfing be applied to children?

Yes, and it can be very helpful for children and teenagers. But I am not specialized in this, however, I can refer you to a colleague.

I am doing psychotherapy, can I also do Rolfing?

In principle, yes, Bodywork can be a very good complement to counselling or psychotherapy. Please let your therapist know that you are planning to do Rolfing.

Does the attitude of the clients influence the success of the treatment?

Yes, it plays a very important role. I often compare Rolfing with a dance or with a dialogue with my clients' bodies. The more they are ready to embrace change, the easier it is for it to happen.
If someone comes in reluctantly, he won't allow as many changes and may benefit less from the treatment.


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